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Brand: Amazonliss

Amazonliss Protein Smoothing Brush Set includes: One Step Keratin Treatment 2.02 fl.oz (60 ml), After Care Anti Frizz Shampoo 2.02 fl.oz (60 ml) and After Care Anti Frizz Conditioner 2.02 fl.oz (60 ml).

The only hair care product you need to make your hair silky, vibrant and frizz-free. Protein Smoothing Treatment Amazonliss builds the alignment from the inside out! Enriched with thermo-hydrolyzed proteins, created for capillary supplementation, it is incorporated into the microleads of the wire, to provide the integral slick, with intense brightness, texture of extreme fluidity and totally disciplined.

Hair Straightening Brazilian Keratin Treatment 1 Step Amazonliss Set 2.02 Fl.oz

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